Source is a leading purchasing platform for bespoke products. We trade within the product categories: Food, Non-food, Drinks, Eco-friendly and Promotional products. All our products are designed to customer requirements. To fulfill our B-to-B customers needs, we focus on smaller allotments and shorter delivery times than the market standard.

– Clothing & Caps

– Bags

– Give-aways

– Office

– Party

– Porcelain & Glass

– Table decoration

– Around coffee

– Food & Sweets

– Drinks

– Disposable & packaging

– ECO products

– Hospitality and Cosmetics

– Express Service


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We trade our products web-based across Europe via selfsupporting webstores. With our multidimensional price configurator customers compose their personalised quotation. Suppliers are serviced by our system that supports any type of product costprice variable and calculation model.  We organize all aspects of the business from one centralised location.

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Accelerating routes to market

We enable local suppliers troughout Europe to enter European markets they will never develop themselves. operates fullservice webstore concepts within several European countries thus connecting suppliers to their valued B-to-B customers throughout Europe. Full services means from A till Z, developing webstores, organizing SEO/adwords advertising,fulfilling sales and logistical operations, productionplanning and complete financial/fiscal administration.

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